Goodby Cries Fowl

Foster Farms Chickens Star in Hispanic Ad
SAN FRANCISCO–Los Foster Imposters lo dicen en Espanol!
In between tireless efforts to make their way to your dinner table, the Foster Imposter talking chickens have learned Spanish.
The chickens, which have tried unsuccessfully to pass themselves off as Foster’s birds for seven years, now appear in a TV spot targeting Hispanic consumers.
The ad was created by longtime Foster Farms agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco.
“This is the first time we’ve created a Spanish spot with the intent of launching a Spanish [language] commercial,” said Mary Hadley, a Foster Farms representative. Previous Foster spots for the Hispanic market were dubbed.
The new spot shows the addled birds’ troubles in a supermarket. The unplucked and unlucky birds scheme to knock over a stack of cans, jump into a woman’s cart and ask her if she’s looking for a Foster Farms chicken.
Instead, the birds topple a stack of cat food. When the customer walks by, the birds ask if she is looking for a Foster Farms chicken, but she quickly notices their freezer burn and moves on.
The chickens end up in a trash can, presumably in the back of the supermarket.
The supermarket spot is also airing in English.
The Livingston, Calif.-based poultry processor has used the chicken characters since Goodby landed the account in 1993.