Goodby Creates Nutty, Letter-Perfect Sequels

SAN FRANCISCO Omnicom’s Goodby, Silverstein & Partners will break five TV spots for Emerald Nuts in August as part of Diamond of California’s sponsorship of the 2004 U.S. Olympic teams.

Seven offbeat ads in the initial series of 15-second spots broke in California in February, all playing off the E and N of Emerald Nuts, with themes like “Egomaniacal Normans,” “Entangled Nine-Year-Olds” and “Egyptian Navigators.” All of these bizarre people, a voiceover says, “Love Emerald Nuts.”

The new spots from the San Francisco agency continue with more E and N pairings. The ads feature head-banging “Extreme Nurses,” a cheerleader listening in on a diner conversation in “Eavesdropping Nebraskans” and a boat salesman refusing to listen to clients in “Earmuffed Negotiators.”

Campaign spending is undisclosed, but account billings are estimated at $10 million. Goodby added an Olympic logo to the end of each spot that will run during telecasts of the Summer Games in Athens, Greece.

The spots will play on both CNBC and USA Network during team sports, the client said. Although the company would not confirm spending, officials said the ads would appear 230 times during the Olympics. Because they are half the length of the average ad, the spots will run as “bookends” at the beginning and end of commercial breaks.

The campaign has been well received, according to the client. Emerald Nuts had a brand awareness of 77 percent by the sixth week of the initial flight, said Sandra McBride, vp of marketing for Diamond of California.