Good Times Roll At Enlighten

While many agencies are telling employees to take a hike, one is suggesting they take a drive.

The good times have slowed but not stopped for Enlighten in Ann Arbor, Mich., one of the country’s original interactive agencies. Lucky staffers there have a new perk to share: a recently leased Audi TT convertible.

For starters, each of the 50 employees gets to take the $35,000 roadster home for one night. An Internet program (of course) created the random schedule, but people have been trading days in order to wow their friends and loved ones on special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

After it makes the rounds, agency founder and president Steve Glauberman will consult with his fellow higher-ups every few weeks and lend it to one employee as a reward.

The agency got to know Audi vehicles well by pitching an Internet project for the automaker. “We really did fall in love with the brand, even before we got the business,” Glauberman says.

The agency has offered perks in the past—gift certi ficates for meals, spa packages, theater and concert tickets, even good old-fashioned cash. But the car is the biggest hit yet. “Even people who origin ally didn’t seem to care that much come back very enthused,” Glauberman says. “The cost is not outrageous compared to the value we derive from it. It’s well worth it.”