GoDaddy “Grandma’s Dance”

Sick of Danica Patrick as the GoDaddy Girl? Wait ’til you see her grandma give the boob flashing a whirl. In this new GoDaddy commercial, Patrick’s grandmother shows off the Web site she and grandpa created using GoDaddy — it’s called “Grandma’” Unfortunately, the so-called comedy doesn’t end there. In the video on the site she proudly shares with her grandkids, grandma rips off her T-shirt to reveal her client-branded tank top underneath. “You’re never too old to be a GoDaddy Girl!” screams the copy on her site. “That’s my Agnes,” says grandpa, while grandson squirms at the sight. That’s GoDaddy. You can always count on cringe-worthy ad content. And count on more coming soon thanks to a “Show Us YOUR GoDaddy Ad” contest offering a $100K top prize. –Eleftheria Parpis