Go Figure


Number of erotic Cinemax movies that have starred Candace Michelle, better known as Nikki Cappelli from the GoDaddy.com ad. She is also one of the “divas” on Spike TV’s World Wrestling Entertainment show Raw. Interviewed about the Super Bowl spot on the WWE’s Web site, Michelle says, “I totally had to get into character. But it’s kind of my normal-life character in a way. I mean, I’m not giddy and weird like that, but if you put me in front of a committee like that, it’s like … this is who I am!” She continues: “I made up the whole commercial. The script is the part that said, ‘It’s $8.95 for a year.’ Everything that was said after that, I made up. It was all me and whatever I could come up with. … It’s overwhelming to know that I can do one commercial and so much can come out of it. But it’s exciting to see what’s going to happen, what’s going to come next, and all that fun stuff.”


Minutes after opening that a new Ikea store in north London was forced to close last week, due to a massive stampede of customers that led to six people being injured, one with stab wounds. The new warehouse, in the Edmonton district, was overwhelmed by 6,000 visitors at its midnight opening last Thursday morning. The marauding pack of consumers was apparently driven mad by the prospect of bargains on Kimstas, Gutviks and the like.