Go Figure

Time it took for Kansans to complain about the state’s new motto, unveiled last week: “Kansas. As big as you think.” “Maybe you have to be a non-Kansan to get it,” the Wichita Eagle wrote Friday in an editorial. “Or a marketing genius. Or a state bureaucrat. Or maybe Kansas’ new slogan cannot be fully appreciated out of context, divorced from the other exciting trappings of a full-bore ‘branding’ campaign. … Right? Right? Or is the new slogan, ‘Kansas. As big as you think,’ really as bad as we think? … It will be hard to counter the first impression, which is that the slogan gets the facts wrong: People do not think of Kansas as big. Texas is big. California—big. Montana, too. If outsiders think of Kansas at all … the words likely to be generated are ‘flat,’ ‘tornado,’ ‘boring,’ Toto and Dodge City. … Maybe Kansans will take to ‘Kansas. As big as you think.’ But for now, all we can think is: What were they thinking?”

Acres taken up by Bevis Lake, a body of water in a wooden area near Seattle. Or at least, Bevis Lake used to be its name. In current Census Bureau records, the name seems to have been changed to Butthead Lake. The Bureau suspects that a bored employee may have changed the name, perhaps after watching too much Beavis and Butt-head. “Someone is playing a joke, I think,” said one official.