Go Figure


Percent fewer violation notices handed to corporate polluters by George W. Bush’s administration, compared with Bill Clinton’s—just one statistic among many that led Green Team, an ad agency in New York, to take the rare step of official endorsing a candidate, John Kerry, for president. The full-service shop, serving natural and eco-friendly and travel-industry clients, released a position statement that reads, in part, “It’s hard to imagine how any administration could have done more to roll back the environmental progress made over the past 40 years. In stark contrast, the Democratic environmental platform vows to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, reverse the rollbacks to the Clean Air Act, and sign up to the Kyoto protocols.”


Weeks that a poster campaign starring Osama bin Laden has survived in Canada so far. The ads, from a clothing chain called Spare Parts, show bin Laden, George W. Bush, John Kerry and others wearing the retailer’s wool caps. The tagline is,”Everybody’s doing it!” “It did turn my head,” said one shopper. “You just don’t expect to see Osama bin Laden on an ad. What were they thinking?” Said a Spare Parts store manager: “People laugh, but people who don’t like it are pretty angry. We had some people telling us they are going to take it to the White House.”