Go Figure


Days ago that Quiznos broke ads from The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., that feature bizarre, hairy creatures with wobbly eyes and toothy grins singing about the chain’s subs. The creatures looked familiar, and for good reason. The “Spongmonkeys,” as they are called, originated on RatherGood.com, a site devoted to silly Flash animations. All of which led to howls of derision from Web geeks. “The Spongmonkeys have sold out,” moaned one. “More importantly, some guys who came up with a really crappy song and Flash animation to match it have somehow managed to land an ad deal with a major chain of sub shops. That cinches it. I have got to have Eric teach me how to work in Flash.”


Days left until St. Patrick’s Day, which is always an occasion for the creative use of language (and probably has been since the patron saint of Ireland’s death on March 17 in the year 461). Now Murphy’s beer and Enpocket, the mobile-marketing firm, are teaming up to test the extent of that creativity. Their new campaign challenges limerick lovers to finish the following poem: “There is a young barmaid in Cork/Who loves to serve Murphy’s and pork/When you enter her bar …” Cell-phone users are asked to text-message their best final two lines to short code 23000. The contest is being promoted on merchandise at Irish pubs, and the best 10 responses will be posted to the Web. No good at all can come of this.