Go Figure


Nifty marketing schemes dreamed up lately by Coca-Cola. The first is the company’s new billboard in London. One of the jazziest in the world, it’s 99 feet wide and can respond to weather and movement. “When it’s raining, big drops will appear on the screen, and when it’s breezy, [it] can ripple as if it’s being blown by the wind,” says a Coke rep. The other two ideas are still in the planning stages: a Hummer H2 give-away promotion in which Coke will use GPS technology to locate the winning Coke cans and their owners; and a promotion tied to the Olympic Games in Athens next summer in which the grand prize is likely to be $1 million in gold.


Age of the model who appears in a disturbing new billboard in New Zealand from a group calling itself Mothers Against Genetic Engineering (MAdGE). The ad presents the woman as though she herself were genetically engineered—she is naked, on all fours, with four breasts hooked up to a milking machine. “If they want to make designer milk, why not genetically engineer women for milk?” MAdGE founder Alannah Currie says sarcastically. The model, who is Currie’s niece-in-law, has “gone into hiding at the moment,” Currie says, “in case people think she really does have four breasts.”