Go Figure


Months that Tony Nunez’s coffee shop, Sugars, has been open in San Jose, Calif. Nunez says it’s “the Hooters of coffee,” with scantily clad waitresses, a foosball table and a mobster motif. But the police haven’t taken kindly to the place, ticketing Nunez for activities including holding lingerie shows. The cops deny they are harassing him.


Age of the former Karin Robertson, a vegetarian from Norfolk, Va., who has legally changed her name to GoVeg.com, which is also the address of one of PETA’s Web sites. “There’s a little bit of laughing every time somebody says my name, and that’s great, you know?” says GoVeg.com. A rep for the National Pork Producers Council says, “It’s an outrageous tactic is what it is, sort of the way a child screams until you feed them.”


Amount the Canadian Tourism Commission paid Fodor’s Travel Guide, a U.S. company, to produce a magazine called PureCanada. But the finished magazine is riddled with errors. For one thing, the Yukon Territory and Prince Edward Island don’t appear on the maps.