Go Figure

46.38 – As of last Friday, percent of respondents to an ongoing BBC Web poll who said Homer Simpson is the greatest American ever. None of the other nine choices—Bill Clinton, Bob Dylan, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mr. T and George Washington—cracked double digits.

14 – Age of Lori Ediger, an eighth grader at La Mesa (Calif.) Junior High, who said it is “probably not appropriate” that an ad for the National Rifle Association appears in her yearbook. A student’s grandfather placed the half-page ad, which shows the NRA logo (an eagle clutching two rifles), the text of the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) and a toll-free phone number.

16 – Years left on America West Airlines’ contract to keep its name on the Phoenix Suns’ sports arena. Unfortunately, the Suns have switched to flying Southwest Airlines exclusively.