Go Figure

$135 – Amount of the fine Mike Smith, a courier in Australia, had to pay recently after being ticketed for not being in control of his automobile while trying to unwrap a Subway sandwich. But the food chain came to the rescue, paying the fine for the 24-year-old and making him the center of its new ad campaign.

6 – Cans of Dr Pepper given to a gunman who took two U.S. Postal Service employees hostage last Wednesday in Lakeside, Calif., after becoming upset with the USPS over its response to a traffic accident involving the gunman and a postal vehicle. Hostage negotiators used a long stick to pass the soda through a door. The man emerged soon thereafter with his arms raised and, presumably, his thirst quenched.

776 – Prefix used for phone numbers in the movie Bruce Almighty, rather than the more commonly used (and nonexistent) 555. Universal Studios may now be regretting that choice, however, as people with 776 numbers across the country are reporting receiving phone calls (not all of them hoaxes) from people asking to talk to God.