Go Figure

8 lbs., 8 oz. – Weight at birth of Horton Chesleigh, son of Sean and Deanna Chesleigh of San Diego, winners of Ruffles’ “Would you name your baby Horton?” promotion. Earlier this month, the Frito-Lay brand announced that beginning May 13, the first expecting parents to enter the nationwide search, give birth by May 20 and name the baby Horton would receive a college tuition fund of $50,000 set up in the child’s name. The promotion coincides with the reintroduction of Ruffles’ Baby Horton ad icon.

12 million – Votes for Ruben Studdard in last week’s American Idol season finale.

2.9 million – Votes for Ralph Nader in the 2000 presidential election.

140 – Miles from Little Rock, Ark., to Memphis, Tenn. And yet billboards are up in Memphis advertising the Clinton Presidential Library, due to open in 2005. The director of the library’s foundation is in partnership talks with Graceland. “Clinton was ‘Elvis,’ ” he says. “That’s what the press nicknamed him. I think there’s a natural linkage.”