Go Figure

3,769 Amazon sales rank last Friday of The Natural History of the Rich, by Richard Conniff, which says the mannerisms of the well-heeled mirror those of dominant monkeys. Conniff’s explanation for rich women’s “air kisses”: “Originally, animals would be leaning in, and they’d be picking things out of another animal’s hair and making that kind of a lip-smacking gesture. That became a way of saying, ‘I’m your friend. I want to groom you. I’m not going to hurt you.’ ”

$70 million Amount spent by Italians between 1998 and 2001 on Simpsons merchandise, according to organizers of a “City of Simpsons” conference there who say the cult TV hit has spawned bad habits. “We are putting aside the best aspects of Italian traditions and culture to turn into a country of undereducated, cynical, snack-munching couch potatoes,” says the conference director.

$400 Average cost of having Switzerland’s Cow Placard Co. paint your slogan or logo in car paint on the side of a cow to generate awareness across the Swiss countryside.

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