Go Figure

153,000 Number of 4-ounce bottles of SPF 15 Native Tan sunscreen that Sun-Fun Products is shipping this month—120,000 more than normal, a boost engineered without the help of advertising. Most of the bottles are headed to Tracy, Calif., where the U.S. Defense Department has a depot, leading some to wonder if it’s a precursor to an Iraq invasion. “Any attempt to tie purchase quantities and/or dates to possible military action is purely speculation,” said a DOD official.

0 Number of negative postings on www.kmartforever.com, a Web site set up to counter rampant Kmart-slamming on the Web. “There are a lot of bashers out there. This is for people who truly want to see the company succeed,” said a Kmart rep.

$44,000 Selling price at auction of the five-foot stainless-steel “tilted E” sign that once sat outside Enron’s Houston office. It was bought by Houston’s Microcache Computer. “He said, ‘Just do anything to get it,’ ” the Microcache buyer said of his boss. “It signifies a lot of sweat, greed and fraud.”

Source: Daytona Beach News-Journal, Reuters, Click2Houston.com

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