Go Figure

2,200 people The number turned away from a promotion at a Boston-area mall last week when a time-strapped SpongeBob SquarePants only got around to signing 300 autographs for kids. “Mothers were fighting, kids were crying, and the police had to escort SpongeBob out. It was like he was Elvis,” one shopper reported.

93 games The combined number of appearances this season for Coco Crisp and Milton Bradley, the Cleveland Indians outfielders with the strangely endorsement-friendly names.

20 percent The proportion of respondents to a poll on SupermarketGuru.com who, given the chance, would find Martha Stewart guilty and throw her in jail. Another 64 percent say she’s guilty but doesn’t deserve the big house. Only 16 percent think she’s innocent. “It’s time for Martha to stand up, acknowledge the mistake, say she is sorry and go back to teaching us how to make all those pretty decorations,” says the site’s CEO, Phil Lempert.

Sources: Boston Herald, ESPN.com