Gmo Offers ‘ingredient Branding’ In New Campaign For Cisco Systems

Goldberg Moser O’Neill here has launched a new branding campaign for longtime client Cisco Systems, San Jose, Calif. The ads are designed to remind average consumers and business decision makers that Cisco equipment is found inside many Internet carrier networks. The tagline is, “The network works. No excuses.”
“This is the company that really helped to create what we know as the modern Internet system,” said Fred Goldberg, chief executive officer and principal of GMO. “It was Cisco’s equipment that helped make the Internet what it is today, but most people don’t even know that Cisco exists.”
The “Cisco Powered Network” campaign is “ingredient branding” similar to advertising done for Nutrasweet and Intel, Goldberg said. The campaign supports a new joint marketing program that allows network service providers to use the “Cisco Powered Network” logo in collateral and advertising materials.
Cisco’s initial print campaign uses full-page ads that are now appearing in The Wall Street Journal, Network Computing, PC Week, as well as various trade publications. Later this year, the campaign will extend into publications such as Business Week, Fortune and Forbes.
One ad reads, “Before you let a company connect your business to the Internet, ask yourself, ‘Who connects them to the Internet?'” A man in a business suit stands in a field, holding a huge ladder extending indefinitely toward the sky. The text continues, “If the answer is Cisco, you know your network service provider is supported by the products and technology that brought the Internet to business.”
“The initial target for advertising is the business market . . . the information professionals who make network buying decisions,” said Greg Jorgensen, a GMO representative.
GMO and Cisco plan to expand the branding campaign to reach “home consumers as home networking becomes more important and the Internet becomes more ubiquitous,” Jorgensen said.
TV and radio spots are being considered for 1998.