GMMB Quits Kerry’s Creative Team

WASHINGTON, D.C. Omnicom Group’s GMMB said on Friday that it will no longer work on creative for John Kerry’s presidential bid.

Washington, D.C.-based GMMB, which worked with Shrum Devine and Donilon on the campaign, said it made the decision following a dispute over fees. The agency will, however, continue to conduct media buys for Kerry.

“Unquestionably, being a part of Senator Kerry’s presidential campaign has been one of the most important efforts our firm has ever undertaken,” said GMMB senior partner Jim Margolis. “The stakes couldn’t be higher for our country and we have been honored to help produce the spots and assist in developing the strategy that helped him secure the Democratic nomination. However, due to proposed contract changes with the media firms, we could not come to an understanding that we regarded as workable.”

The move comes as President George W. Bush’s campaign prepares to launch an ad on Saturday refuting a recent Kerry spot that suggests the president believes sending jobs overseas “makes sense.”

In the 30-second Bush spot, called “Troubling,” a voiceover analyzes Kerry’s voting record, saying he opposed tax relief for married couples, opposed increasing the child tax credit, supported higher taxes and increased taxes on Social Security benefits. “Now Kerry’s plan will raise taxes by at least $900 billion his first 100 days,” the narrator says. “Kerry and the economy: Troubling.”

The Kerry campaign launched its own 30-second spot on Thursday called “10 Million Jobs.” A voiceover says, “While jobs are leaving our country in record numbers, George Bush says sending jobs overseas ‘makes sense’ for America. His top economic advisors say ‘moving American jobs to low-cost countries’ is a plus for the U.S. John Kerry’s proposed a different economic plan that encourages companies to keep jobs here.”

Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman said Kerry’s record suggests he “would outsource jobs, and this ad is an example of why Sen. Kerry, instead of attacking President Bush, should explain his own record.”

Kerry campaign representative Stephanie Cutter said, “American workers deserve to know the truth about how the Bush administration feels about the loss of American jobs to countries overseas.”

This story updates an item posted on April 1 with GMMB’s resignation.