Glyphix Limits Insurer to Parties of Two

LOS ANGELES 21st Century Insurance has launched an image campaign focusing on the connection between the auto insurance company and the policyholder.

The campaign, from Glyphix in Woodland Hills, Calif., includes two 30-second TV spots, as well as outdoor, print and Web support. Spending on the campaign could not be determined. The Woodland Hills-based client spent more than $25 million on ads in 2002, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.

Ads center around the idea that 21st Century Insurance does business direct, rather than through brokers, and is therefore a business of two, “You and Us,” said Glyphix executive creative director David Ullman. The ads contain the graphic “You_____Us,” to represent the direct connection between 21st Century and the consumer, he said. In each spot, “You” has a problem, and the word “Us” arrives with a solution. The ads tout standard features, service and savings.

The TV spots feature computer graphics created by Brand New School in Santa Monica, Calif. One ad opens with the word “Smoke” onscreen. The voiceover is: “So, your car breaks down. It happens to everyone. Is anyone going to help you? Not unless you’re a movie star. You could walk, but it’s raining. You could call the auto club, but did you pay your annual fee?” Words such as “truck,” “limousine,” “tow truck” and “eighteen wheeler” appear onscreen. The ad then notes that with 21st Century, roadside assistance comes standard.

Another execution shows a small box that is labeled “You,” which pulls up behind a “Bus” box and is rear-ended. The ad notes that 21st Century is “available 24 hours a day” and has “more standard features” and “no middlemen.”

Ads include a toll-free number and also point viewers to the Web site.

“If we want to make the telephone ring, then we have to stand apart with a message that says, very simply and directly, that this is a great company with a superior policy and outstanding service,” said Ullman.

The ads are running in markets including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Fresno and Sacramento, Calif., and Phoenix. DCA Advertising in Santa Monica, Calif., handled the media buy.