Glaxo, Arnold Tell Children’s Stories

NEW YORK Who can resist appeals of children? A spot debuting on Dec. 29 for GlaxoSmithKline’s line of smoking-cessation aids features children asking parents to quit smoking for their sake.

The spot, directed by Tony Kaye of Minder Media and shot in black and white, shows close-ups of children’s faces speaking as if to their parents. “If smoking is bad, how come you still do it?” one asks. “Who’s going to take care of us if you get sick? Aunt Susan? I don’t like Aunt Susan,” pleads another. Then copy appears onscreen: “If you can’t stop smoking for yourself, maybe you can do it for us.” The ad ends with a shot of GlaxoSmithKline’s stop-smoking products: Nicorette gum, NicoDerm CQ patch and Commit lozenge and the tagline, “When you’re ready, we can help.”

“It’s giving a voice to the kids out there whose parents smoke,” said Jeanne Byers, executive creative director at Arnold in New York, which created the ad. Kaye was chosen to direct the spot because of his “ability to capture something in children and really speak to a viewing audience,” Byers said.

The spot is one of three ads in a $20 million campaign designed to raise awareness about the stop-smoking aides category. Two other spots broke in October. Also shot in black and white, one ad depicts a girl writing a letter to her mother in hopes she will stop smoking; the other compares the safety measures parents take to protect their children.