Giving Is The Hardest Part

In its first campaign, features a character called “The Giver,” whose largess is matched only by his voyeurism.
Three TV spots from Cliff Freeman and Partners, New York, broke on network TV Nov. 8 for the client, at whose Web site shoppers may order and send expensive gifts.
The Giver, whose face is never seen, narrates the spots. In them, he observes the recipients of his gifts.
In one ad, The Giver watches a female friend enjoy an expensive dinner he sent her from While serving a cherries flambƒ dessert, The Giver’s arm catches fire.
In another ad, The Giver drives a golf cart while holding a flute of champagne. Watching a friend enjoy the gift of an expensive golf outing, The Giver is hit with a golf ball “right in the little giver.” The tagline: “Where great givers go.”
Business people ages 35 and older are the targets, said shop president Arthur Bijur, who oversaw creative. Spending is $17 million.
–Kathleen Sampey