Gillette “The Walk”

Gillette takes Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer back to 1977 in this new ad promoting a 500 per day razor giveaway at The spot, which debuts today at Yankee Stadium, re-creates John Travolta’s signature Saturday Night Fever walk set to the Bee Gees’ “Stayin’ Alive.” Here, however, it’s Yankees’ captain Jeter that struts his stuff and turns heads in a black leather jacket and wide-collared burgundy shirt unbuttoned to show off his gold chain. Woods soon joins him in a similar outfit, only wearing golf shoes. Tennis pro Federer completes the “champions” trio wearing silver platforms ready for boogie fever. Of the three, Federer steals the scene with a flashing smile and Travolta-worthy attitude as he responds to the other two’s shaking heads. The spot ends with the message “Here’s to confidence.” I guess it’s all about the confidence of a clean shave, even if the product point is only made clear with the final on-screen copy inviting viewers to sign up at the Web site for a chance to win a free razor. Still, the use of the decade-defining song and the star athletes is sure to gain some nostalgia points with older sports fans (or New York children of the ’70s like me). –Eleftheria Parpis