Gigante Vaz Rolls With Teknoforce

NEW YORK Gigante Vaz Partners said it is rolling out Ricoh’s Teknoforce program in select markets nationwide.

The agency worked from the ground up to create the brand, designed to help Ricoh monetize the skill of its sales and IT force, and tested the effort in Atlanta earlier this year.

The push includes a logo, a fleet of Teknoforce vehicles (Toyota Matrixes), billboards, print and a radio campaign that uses Devo’s song “Whip It.” A Teknoforce Web site uses a technician as a digital interactive guide to reinforce the message that real technicians will represent the brand on calls to clients.

Spending is in the $1-2 million range.

Paul Gigante, cd and founder of the independent agency, said: “The fun we’ve had developing all the communication elements of the campaign are representative of how much we have loved every minute of working with the Ricoh folks for 19 years. They often just say ‘surprise us with your idea’ and when we have that mandate we can come up with something as smart and immersive as this every time.”

Added Ricoh director of communications Bob Ingoglia: “Atlanta was a huge success, and the decision to then expand the program was a natural outcome.”