G.I. Joe Remembers Pearl Harbor

“It was over in two hours, and yet in a brief moment a nation lost its innocence …”

So begins the narrative introduction to a G.I. Joe television commercial, released last month by Tracy- Locke Partnership.

The documentary-style spot promoting the Pearl Harbor figures was created to appeal to collectors rather than kids.

“The concept of this spot was to make the action figures of Joe seem like the monuments you would find in Washington,” said TLP president and chief creative officer Bob Chimbel. “It gives Joe kind of an epic quality.”

The television commercial uses a combination of historical war footage and close-up detail shots of four G.I. Joes—representing the major branches of the military—in uniforms of the 1940s.

Directed by Ray Payne, the spot first aired on CNBC on May 20 in conjunction with the release of the movie Pearl Harbor. It will continue to air on cable and network outlets.

The work is the first produced by Dallas-based TLP since joining sister Omnicom shop DDB in New York on the account three months ago.

The client, the Hasbro toy and game company, was looking for a more “holistic” approach to its advertising and promotions.

“G.I. Joe is one of the cornerstone founding brands of Hasbro and is therefore very near and dear to the hearts of everyone there,” said Chimbel. “So there’s a great deal of attention that’s paid to this.”