A controversial flag was contested at Super Bowl XXXIV, but the marketing effort making the challenge had more to do with civil rights than football.
The Coalition to Change the Flag, an Atlanta group seeking to do just that in Georgia, handed out posters created by copywriter Stephen Curry and freelance art director Lisa Eckert. Each showed a photo of the Georgia flag and incendiary copy, such as “Give hate a chance” and “We swill moonshine and marry our sisters.” The closing line: “Our state flag says a lot about Georgia.”
“We wanted to bring to life the subliminal messages the flag is sending out,” said Curry,
a former freelancer who now works at Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos in Boston.
Curry noted the flag was changed by legislators in 1956
to protest school desegregation. He said he hopes the posters will renew “the discussion.”
Getting them produced was a battle in itself. “We finally found a printer who would work with our limited budget,” said Curry. “Then the owner of the printing shop saw the posters and had them destroyed.”
That’s not peachy.
–Judy Warne