The Georgia Department of Transportation employs hard facts and stark images to educate taxpayers about litter’s price tag in new advertising that broke last week.

Developed by MRAof Atlanta, print and broadcast ads appeared in the test market of Savannah, Ga.

According to GDOT statistics, litter removal cost state taxpayers $11 million last year.

Print efforts show images of refuse and clusters of rats feasting on fast-food remains.

In the television spots, director Bill Barminsky of Merge Films in Los Angeles trained his camera on the random choreography of a dirty bag dancing in the wind and a bottle squashed by a passing car. Each ad ends with the tagline, “Litter. It costs you.”

“Our goal is to keep the messaging simple, even eliminating voiceovers so that the images can speak for themselves,” said MRA creative director Mike Lewis. “It was imperative to expand the idea of cost to mean more than just the cost of taxes.”