Georgia Power “Training”

You don’t pay your electric bill each month so the utility company can hector you about energy consumption. Sure, companies in that sector need to call on consumers to save power, but they must be careful about the tone they adopt in such messages. This spot for Georgia Power (via The Richards Group, Dallas) is suitably amiable as it features a fictitious dog trainer (i.e., he’s not a real trainer — the dogs are real dogs) who claims the animals “can be trained to sniff out energy waste using their natural dog instincts.” It’s fun to watch a terrier biting the ankle of a guy in a protective suit as the latter turns a thermostat below the recommended hot-weather setting of 78 degrees, or to see a pack of dogs in a field sniffing away at various household appliances. Viewers will pick up a tip or two while grasping the point that Georgia Power has other information to impart (via its Web site) on how to conserve energy and save money in the process. Since messages on energy conservation often come equipped with an undercurrent of sanctimony, consumers will regard the oddball humor in this spot as a welcome departure from the norm. –Mark Dolliver