GENTLEMAN’S DISORDERLY Sweater vests-while appropriate for Harvard students or executives of global ad agencies-are not in vogue in Miami.

That was the message received loud and clear by Jeff Hicks, the new president of Miami’s Crispin Porter & Bogusky.
Due to his new post, the 31-year-old recent Harvard grad and former Leo Burnett vice president has shown up in the pages of Adweek and other publications wearing the aforementioned attire. And he has gotten nothing but grief from his Miami co-workers, who prefer less “preppy” clothing.
“The atmosphere is totally different from Burnett,” Hicks said, pointing out the obvious.
More culture shock has come in the form of CP&B’s landlord complaining to Hicks about the agency’s abundance of bicycles and animals. (The shop’s Shimano account and frequent “pet casting” for ads served as excuses.)
So whose style will win out at the agency?
“I’ll be better for their ways and they’ll be better for mine,” said Hicks, who, by the way, has disposed of the sweater vest.