Gearon Spots Display Pioneer Spirit

BOSTON Gearon Hoffman has launched TV ads for Pioneer Investments that play like ironic inversions of Apple Computer’s current campaign that contrasts a chubby nerd (a PC owner) with a cool dude (he owns a Macintosh).

Gearon’s spots, however, focus not on computers, but on investment management services. And in each execution, the more staid and conservative approach wins out.

In “Crossing,” two men in business suits prepare to cross a busy intersection. One man, representing risk, charges ahead and is nearly creamed by a bus as his briefcase goes flying, a single compact disc rolling across the pavement. The second man takes a more conservative approach, waiting for the green light and crosses safely.

“Hazard” transports the message to a golf course, where a high-risk player sinks a long drive in a water trap.

A voiceover explains that Pioneer takes a conservative approach to client’s investments, balancing the risks to achieve maximum reward.

The effort is tagged, “Fundamentals never go out of style.”

Doug Goransson wrote the copy, with Dick Davis handling art direction.

Pioneer typically spends $2-3 million annually on ads, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus. The new effort will run on CNBC and other cable networks.

Both agency and client are based in Boston.