Gearing Up For Summer, AM/PM Launches New Beverage Promotion

LOS ANGELES – With summer just around the corner, AM/PM convenience stores are appealing to parched customers with new TV ads.
The spots, from Rubin Postaer and Associates, feature a pair of male teenagers sipping soft drinks outside an AM/PM minimarket.
In a 30-second spot titled “Explode,” one of the teens is chugging Gatorade and Mountain Dew. His friend, who is sipping an AM/PM fountain drink, comments, “You know, I heard about a guy who drank so much, his bladder exploded.”
“Really?” responds his clueless cohort. “Well, I guess that’s why we have two bladders. Isn’t it?”
A second spot, a 10-second variation, promotes AM/PM’s 79-cent fountain drink special. The same teens are sitting in a car outside the minimarket, and the thirsty one is trying to suck the last drops out of a large cup. “Go get another one,” orders his friend, playfully smacking the youth on the back of his head. For “just 79 cents,” says a voiceover, customers can buy a 44-ounce fountain drink.
The tagline remains, “Too much good stuff,” which has been used for two years in the award-winning campaign.
The ads are airing in AM/PM’s 16 Western markets including Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, San Diego and Sacramento, Calif. The summer beverage promotion will continue through August, according to David Smith, account supervisor at the Santa Monica, Calif., agency.
“The whole idea behind the campaign is that it gives you permission to let the other side of you get what it wants,” Smith said.
A fall promotion will support the launch of AM/PM’s hot dogs.
The commercials’ associate creative directors were David Smith and Joe Baratelli, who also served as copywriter and art director, respectively. The agency producer was Julie Dolson. The director was Dewey Nicks.