Gatorade “Moonshot”

“When you are the greatest golfer on earth, what’s next?” That’s the question posed by this Gatorade spot from Element 79 Partners introducing a new line named after the celebrated champion, “Gatorade Tiger.” This commercial casts the golf star as an astronaut who takes his golf game to the moon. The spot, featuring visual effects by Digital Domain, recreates a real-life 1971 shot taken by a member of Apollo 14 who stroked a golf ball on the moon an estimated 400 to 600 yards. Music from 2001: Space Odyssey primes the action as Woods grabs his club and sets his sights in the direction of Mars, seen in the distance. Once he hits the ball and the voice over delivers the aforementioned question, the music track switches to “Spirit in the Sky.” Judging by the huge grin on his face, the shot must be successful, or at least he’s enjoying the challenge of this gravity-free course. The voiceover tells viewers the new drink has 25 percent more electrolytes, providing more hydration than ever. Don’t know if that alone would convince the average sports drink target to try this one out, but the spot could open an interesting story line, Woods in an intergalactic tournament? It would be interesting to find out, if you actually did put Woods on the moon with his clubs, how far could he hit it? Visitors to next month will be able to test their own skills with a virtual game of golf on the moon.–Eleftheria Parpis