Garcia 360 Ads Spur Kids to Activity

DALLAS Garcia 360 enlisted San Antonio Spurs basketball player Emanuel “Manu” Ginobili for two public service TV spots for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention designed to encourage physical fitness among children.

The San Antonio independent agency created the spots as part of the ongoing “Ninos activos. Familias sanas” (“Healthy kids. Active families”) campaign. “Ninos Activos. Familias Sanas” is the Spanish-language parent extension of the CDC’s “VERB. It’s what you do” obesity prevention campaign. The goal of this national, integrated, multicultural campaign is to educate target audiences about the need to get tweens (9 to 13 year olds) involved in one hour of physical activity every day.

Both 30-second, Spanish-language spots, “Incomplete” and “We See,” feature Ginobili on a basketball court. “Incomplete” shows him going through the motions of driving the lane, and while the sounds are present, the ball is absent. When the ball suddenly appears, his voiceover explains that without the encouragement from his parents to be an active child, he wouldn’t be as successful as he is today.

“We See” shows Ginobili in a gym. The voiceover compares what one sees on the outside, a rising star, a world basketball champion and a gold medallist, with what one can’t necessarily see on the inside, a grown man that was physically active as a child. The message is that his involvement in physical activity as a child not only helped him avoid health problems, but also helped him to develop leadership skills and a greater self-esteem.

The campaign employs television, radio, print ads and the Internet to reach parents across the country. Other components of the effort include partnerships with media, private companies and community-based organizations, in conjunction with research and evaluation efforts, the agency said.