Gapping the Bridge

Bridge Integrated Communications didn’t have to travel far in its search for compelling images to include in its multimedia new business showcase.
The CD-ROM the Cinccinnati shop created to woo potential clients could easily have been called “The Bridges of Hamilton County,” even if it lacks romance.
Footage of the Roebling Suspension Bridge, the Clay Wade Bailey Bridge and the Taylor Southgate Bridge, all of which cross the Ohio River into Cincinnati, gives the presentation a local flavor while symbolically emphasizing the company’s role in connecting companies to customers, said shop representative Derin Denham.
Having the company’s literal namesake so plentiful in the area was simply good luck, she said.
But perhaps business prospects would get even more of a boost if the agency could sign Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep to appear in the film version.
–Jenn Goddu