Gallucci’s Gold

Who says awards shows don’t have an effect on business?
Just ask Marc Gallucci, the former Arnold Communications senior vice president who scored big at last year’s Hatch Awards for freelance client Cider Jack.
Besides three gold bowls, the show helped land him new business.
Kevin Jenness, the former president of high-end jeweler Shreve, Crump & Low who now oversees the company’s marketing as a consultant, first heard Gallucci’s sitcom-style radio spots for Cider Jack at last year’s awards presentation. “The highlight of the evening was Marc’s work,” Jenness said. “He’s the only one doing good radio work.”
Jenness brought Gallucci aboard the Shreve team for a series of Ryder Cup tie-in spots now airing throughout the region.
Gallucci, who left Arnold in March and now heads a small creative boutique in Boston, is in the midst of crafting a series of four holiday-themed spots for Shreve set to break in late October. All told, he and media buyer Lisa Shactman handle more than $500,000 in business for Shreve, Gallucci said.
Former Hatch winners John Doyle, now with Publicis & Hal Riney, San Francisco, and Kara Goodrich, who resigned from Fallon McElligott in Minneapolis to join Mullen, work on Shreve’s print ads.
–David Gianatasio