Fujitsu ‘In Touch’ With Retail World

DALLAS Fujitsu Transaction Solutions has launched an ad campaign in targeted print media promoting the information technology company as “In Touch” at every level of the retail experience, according to its public relations agency.

In full-page, four-color retail and grocery magazine ads, the Fujitsu campaign pitches the client as “In touch with retailing, with shoppers” and “for a lifetime.”

Michael A. Burns & Associates developed the campaign with the Fujitsu marketing team, the agency said. The value of the campaign was not disclosed. FTS is based in the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas.

Tom Giske, marketing vice president at FTS, said all advertisements, marketing collateral and other promotional materials would have a similar look and a more contemporary design than the company has used in the past. Ads include photos of retailing images such as a shirt and tie, a ball and glove, a hot dog and bun, along with shots of satisfied consumers.

“For the past five years, Fujitsu has been gaining market share,” Giske said. “We’ve done so by listening to our customers, and they’ve been telling us that the retailing segment needs a new kind of IT partner—one that listens, understands their business and provides a measurable ROI, not just in the beginning, but over the entire life of their systems.”

Fujitsu Transaction Solutions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan’s Fujitsu Ltd. The company provides retailing customers with technology designed to improve efficiency.