Fruit2O Seeks to Make a Splash

NEW YORK Sunny Delight is determined to convince consumers that they can get the nutrients they need by drinking a zero-calorie flavored fruit water called Fruit2O Essentials. The new product line hits stores this month, backed by a campaign that broke this week.

The effort, via Carrafiello Diehl & Associate, New York, is the first new work for the brand since Sunny D acquired both Fruit2O and Veryfine juices from Kraft in 2007. The brand’s last agency of record was Ogilvy & Mather, New York, and it’s had no appreciable spending since then.

The campaign marks a shift from the base product’s emphasis on “the flavors of fruit” to the nutrition fruit provides, said Fruit2O brand manager David Zellen. He added that the product appeals to consumers who try to get a day’s worth of both liquid and fruit nourishment. “It’s like a vitamin pill in a bottle,” Zellen said. The target for the product is active, married women.

One television spot now running touts “the wonders of fruit” and “the refreshment of water” with colorful, luscious vignettes that show a woman biting into a slice of grapefruit and a hand dipping into a bowl of blueberries. A bottle of Fruit2O Essentials explodes out of “crystal clear water” as the voiceover explains, “Six delicious flavors. Each enriched with nutrients like its fruit.”

Print ads will run in the July issues of Better Homes & Gardens, Redbook, Fitness, Shape and Weight. Tagline: “Now some of the most powerful nutrients on earth can be found in your water.”

Zellen said the Essentials line is different from other low-calorie fortified water drinks, such as Coca Cola’s Vitaminwater 10, which also recently launched. The consumer Sunny D is targeting “doesn’t want to drink their calories; they want to eat their calories. They want it to look like water and be clear and have zero calories,” he said.

Fruit2O Essentials comes in six fruit combinations, including strawberry kiwi and cherry acai. Each bottle contains the equivalent of one serving’s worth of each fruit. (Cranberry Raspberry, for instance, contains nutrients comparable to one serving of cranberry and one serving of raspberry, Zellen explained.) It’s artificially sweetened with Splenda.

The brand also recently refreshed its Web site to include interactive features that allow consumers to explore different flavored water drink varieties, and get nutrition facts. Enlighten in Ann Arbor, Mich., handles site design.