Fruit of the Loom “Performance”

I’m not sure whether it’s meant as a good-natured homage to the Cirque du Soleil school of performance or as a wicked parody of it. Either way, this Fruit of the Loom spot (by The Richards Group) is hilarious as it choreographs underwear-clad dancers in combination with the brand’s familiar fruit characters. The juxtaposition works as a wonderful sendup of the ain’t-we-marvelous-art pretensions of the original. The closing moment, in which the grape character tosses a piece of himself to one of the dancers, is especially nice. Meanwhile, as entertaining as it is, the spot’s shtick also gives it the opportunity to display lots of the product on lots of very svelte women’s bodies, with the result that it seems quite chic. Viewers will come away with the impression that the brand’s Cotton Stretch Collection is more than merely utilitarian. -Mark Dolliver