The Friends-and-Family Inn

While market researchers have forecast a brisk summer-travel season, it may be as much a boon to the folding-cot industry as to the hotel business. In a poll by American Consumer Opinion Online, 45 percent of prospective vacationers said they expect to spend at least part of their sojourn with friends or relatives. (Let’s hope the friends and relatives know about this.) Meanwhile, 38 percent of the poll’s respondents expect to stay in hotels and 28 percent in motels at least part of the time. Another 8 percent expect to catch some of their vacation zzz’s at a bed-and-breakfast. Then there’s the great outdoors: 9 percent plan to bed down at a state or national park campground, while the same number anticipate a stay at a private campground or RV camp. As for the 7 percent who haven’t yet made a plan, they may end up sleeping in their cars.