They’re beautiful. They’re friendly. And they do all they can to help people in need.

They’re search dogs, and they help relay the message in the first pro bono effort by Young & Rubicam, New York, for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation.

NDSDF rescues dogs, provides training, pairs the animals with fire fight ers and handlers free of charge, and the dogs and handlers train for Federal Emergency Management Agency certification and beyond.

The work includes four print ads and a TV spot to be filmed later this year. .

One print ad shows a sleeping dog. The headline above it reads, “The $10,000 dog.” Lines point to its face and body with copy such as “Tail: Wags incessantly, particularly when searching for survivors.” Another ad features a puppy sitting under the headline, “The rookie.” The effort retains Ojai, Calif.-based NDSDF’s themeline: “Be part of the search.”

“The cost of training these dogs is unbelievable,” said Bob Wyatt, creative director/art director at Y&R New York. “They need all the help they can get.”

The ads are set to debut later this year mainly in newspapers.