Fred Sattler Executive vice president, executive m

Fred Sattler Executive vice president, executive media director, Doner

“I think it will be interesting to monitor the Internet’s second attempt to establish itself as an entertainment medium. What’s going to be the shakeout on female cable networks?”

Brad Simmons Vice president, Unilever U.S. Media

“We will continue to see a trend toward other companies consolidating their media efforts. As agencies pull their media resources under one roof, that will be a reason for clients to look at what is going on within their own organizations and find ways to improve productivity. Consolidation is the way to do that.”

Bill Koenigsberg President and CEO, Horizon Media

“We are bound to see one of the softest upfronts in the last decade, owing to four factors: It’s after an Olympic and political year; the economy is slowing down; dot-coms have crashed; and we don’t see any huge new category spenders, such as computers, pharmaceuticals, dot-coms, video and telecommunications.”