Foursquare’s Soho Digs Boast Comfort, Collaboration and Style

At 6 years old, Foursquare is among the established old guard that serves as inspiration for young entrepreneurs amid today's launch-and-burn startup ecosystem. The location app boasts a solid user base, impressive investors and, naturally, headquarters fit for a Silicon Alley success story. Located in New York's SoHo neighborhood, the space was chosen, designed and outfitted with employee collaboration in mind. "As soon as we saw our office in SoHo, we knew it was the perfect headquarters for Foursquare," said co-founder and CEO Dennis Crowley. "There are high ceilings with oversized windows, a massive skylight and views. We had a few priorities for the space: fostering collaborative communication, providing comfortable and functional work and meeting areas, and making sure the office still felt like Foursquare."


Fat Denny’s

“‘Fat Denny’s’ is the heart of our New York headquarters,” said Crowley. “It is the one place where you will always find someone getting some work done, holding a meeting, eating, or playing a game. It is also the one place where you will always hear music.”



The amphitheater is used for presentations and informal meetings.


Rooms with a Viewpoint

“All of our conference rooms are named after stickers from Swarm, our app that helps you keep up and meet up with friends,” said Crowley. “Herbivore is a sticker for checking in at vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and is decorated with an eco-friendly green theme, reclaimed wood shelves and Eames Eiffel wood chairs.”


Ride Alongs

Lower Manhattan was chosen for the HQ so employees from Brooklyn could easily bike to work. 


Chalky History

Foursquare’s history is on a wall in Fat Denny’s. 


Picture Perfect

“The Lisa” room is inspired by a Swarm sticker of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. The sticker encourages users to visit museums.