Four New York shops on scent of Guerline

Guerline Inc., the American subsidiary of the French cosmetics and fragrances company of the same name, is conducting a review for its advertising account, estimated to be worth close to $10 million to the winner by next year.
Aside from incumbent agency J. Walter Thompson, the contenders are Deutsch/Dworin; Waring & LaRosa; and Weiss, Whitten, Carroll, Stagliano, all based in New York.
Guerline’s vice president of marketing, Karen Fieit, who would divulge neither the agencies pitching the business nor the budget, confirmed the account review.
Fleit said the task of the winning advertising agency will be to figure out how to promote the Guerline brand in the United States so that the fragrance company’s new-product plan has a chance of getting off the ground with American women.
The company’s best known product in the United States is Shalimar. Other brands among some two-dozen fragrances are Sensara Terra Cotta, Issina, Evolution and Gold of Guerline. The marketer’s men’s brands include Heritage and French Success.
Fleit, who was at Christian Dior before going to Guerline in 1991, said the Guerline brand means much more in France than it does in the U.S.
“But to achieve our new product goals, we have to get better awareness and understanding for the Guerline name,” said Fleit.
Fleit also worked in Nestle’s food division in France.
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