Forza Creates PSAs for Hunger Relief

DALLAS Forza Marketing Group challenges people to ask “What if?” to encourage donations to Heifer International, a nonprofit organization that helps people become self-reliant through the gift of farm animals and training.

The campaign from the Little Rock, Ark., shop—the group’s first national effort—breaks Aug. 11. A 30-second TV public service announcement features fast-moving photographs of people whom Heifer has helped around the world. A voiceover asks questions like, “What if cows gave milk? What if chickens laid eggs? What if bees made honey” before the lines, “Right here. In my village. In Peru. In Cambodia. For my family. What if you helped? What if we ended world hunger?”

Print ads continue the theme by featuring an animal’s image on one side and text on the other. In one, a sheep is featured opposite the text, “What if sheep provided wool in the Himalayas? Children would have clothes to stay warm. People could earn money for food and shelter. Hundreds of thousands would know a life without hunger. What if you helped? What if we ended world hunger?” The ad also features pictures of people in the Himalayas and the group’s logo.

The campaign, which also includes radio and outdoor, launches in Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles and 19 other cities.

Little Rock-based Heifer had used various agencies for project work in the past, but last year Forza approached the organization with an advertising plan the group liked.

“The idea is to not just raise money but to educate people that we can end world hunger, through economic means, food, shelter, renewable resources or the gifting program,” said agency principal Tim Martin. “Hopefully what is associated with Heifer is they have the answer and it is doable.”