Ford Participates in IAB Cross-Media Research

NEW YORK Ford has signed up as the latest advertiser to take part in a study commissioned by the Interactive Advertising Bureau that will examine online media’s place in the overall marketing plan.

The Cross Media Optimization Study, conducted by Rex Briggs of Marketing Evolution and research firm InsightExpress, will examine the campaign for the Ford 2004 F-150 to determine the optimal media mix for the automaker. The effort, which broke last week, includes magazine, television and Internet advertising from J. Walter Thompson in Detroit.

The interactive portion featured a one-day advertising blitz on major portals like MSN, AOL and Yahoo! [IQ Daily Briefing, Sept. 4]. One ad, an over-the-page rich media unit showcasing the pickup, shook the Web page to demonstrate the truck’s durability and then dissolved into an F-150 icon.

The Ford study is the latest in a series commissioned by the IAB. Past participants in the cross-media research include Kimberly-Clark, Colgate-Palmolive, Unilever and McDonald’s.

Some findings from former studies: optimal results are achieved when interactive advertising represents 10-15 percent of a marketing budget; adding Web advertising to the media mix expands reach and coverage; and boosting online allocation produces better results. A new report is due out soon based on campaigns for ING and AstraZeneca.