Fleming Wins Cape Bid

By David Gianatasio

BOSTON–Fleming & Roskelly in Newport, R.I., has been selected to handle the advertising account of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce.

The eight-person agency leveraged its tourism and travel experience to win the review. Other finalists in the contest were Addison & Associates in Orleans, Mass., and Pierce-Cote Advertising in Osterville, Mass.

The account’s budget is $400,000 a year but it could grow to more than $1 million depending on the amount of co-op funding the chamber can raise, said Paul Fleming, president of Fleming & Roskelly.

Jeff Smith Associates in Orleans, Mass., created ads for the chamber for the last 12 years. Agency owner Jeff Smith said he had resigned the business (Adweek, Jan. 27).

Fleming & Roskelly’s first assignment is to create and place a print and radio campaign this fall designed to lure travelers to the Cape during the off season, Fleming said.

The campaign will mainly target Massachusetts residents. ‘During the off season, you go for your bread and butter. . . . You look in your own backyard,’ added Fleming.

‘The Cape is a drive destination especially at that time of year,’ he observed.

Advertisements will run on Boston radio stations and in The Boston Globe and magazines like Getaways and Travel & Leisure.

The Rhode Island agency’s travel and tourism experience–often involving accounts with limited budgets of less than $1 million–helped it land the account, Fleming explained.

Since 1994, the shop has handled the account of the Newport County Convention and Visitors Bureau, which it successfully defended in a review earlier this year.

Tourism promotions using small budgets can be successful as long as they are smartly targeted and ‘you don’t get into doing TV,’ Fleming suggested.

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