Fleet Tests Coupons at ATMs

BOSTON-Customers of Fleet Financial Group last month could get free cream cheese at Bruegger’s Bagels or discounts at Pizza Hut with their receipts from automated teller machines.
In a test run, Pizza Hut, Bruegger’s Bagels, Firestone, Great Cuts, and Oil Doctor provided coupons at all but 10 of Fleet’s 473 ATMs in Massachusetts.
The coupons give customers an added benefit and, according to a Fleet executive who did not want to be named, help defray the costs of operating the ATMs.
However, results of the test run were not as promising as Fleet executives had hoped, sources said.
ATM Couponing/EFT Promotions, the Atlanta-based company coordinating the program, provided a list of potential advertisers for Fleet to choose from. Costs range from $7,000 for 500,000 receipts to $60,000 for five million receipts, according to Dave Chandler, vice president of ATM Couponing.
“We feel the feedback has been positive,” said Ellen Molle, media manager at Fleet. “People like the idea of using the coupon instead of just deducting $30 from their account.”
Molle would not project an outcome once the trial period is completed. “I’m not at all sure that we’ll ever go ahead with this in the future,” she said.