Flanagan Forms Red Robot in Denver

NEW YORK The former founder and chief executive of Tybio, a Philadelphia Web design, strategy and consulting firm, has established a new interactive advertising venture in Denver.

Tom Flanagan this week starts Red Robot, a company that will create “personalized, interactive and dynamic” digital forms of advertising and entertainment. The company seeks to deliver enhanced experiences for the Internet audience, and improve branding, media and database marketing opportunities for the advertiser, he added.

“We’ll do a ‘BMW Films’ and add a level of interactivity,” said Flanagan, who sold Tybio to Philadelphia-based technology consultancy Full Tilt Solutions a year ago. For instance, users will be able to manipulate characters or story lines in interactive serials.

Flanagan compared his startup to a television production company, though the episodic content will be based on the Web. Currently, Red Robot is producing a couple of pilots on spec for undisclosed major advertisers. The company also intends to work in concert with clients’ advertising agencies, technology providers and marketing consultants.

Flanagan’s former company, Tybio, offered Web-based technology, design and marketing strategy services to clients like JP Morgan Chase, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson. Prior to launching Tybio in August 2000, he was vice president of marketing at Philadelphia e-commerce marketplace StarCite for a year. Before that, he was director of marketing for four years at The McClure Group, a Philadelphia-based division of News Corp. He also spent three years at AIG in New York as senior vice president of e-business.

As managing partner of Red Robot, Flanagan, 39, will develop the company’s operations, oversee all projects and secure new client relationships. Joining Flanagan at Red Robot is Keith Champeau and Aaron Muderick as partner, business development and director of technology, respectively.

Champeau, 39, will lead new business and partnership efforts and manage teams of project managers and creative directors. Prior to Red Robot, he was at Breakaway Solutions, a Denver e-business consulting company. He has consulted for Intel, McKinsey & Company and Coca-Cola, among others.

Muderick, 26, was most recently at Tybio as senior systems architect. He has designed and implemented software projects for clients including Microsoft, AIG, Deloitte Consulting and GlaxoSmithKline, among others.