flag football

Veteran graphic artist Dan Simon may have created many elaborate sports-related designs over the years, but he said his most recent work, using a remarkably simple concept, ranks as his proudest achieve ment.

Shortly after opening his Los Angeles shop, Studio Simon, the NFL called on him to quickly create a new logo for Super Bowl XXXVI. Although the league had a design in the can for months, the events of Sept. 11 prompted an abrupt switch.

“They usually have a logo that reflects the city in which the game is played. But this year, they wanted something that en com passes all of America,” Simon said. “They needed it turned around in two weeks, so I got to work and created five different logos. They picked the simplest design.”

Simon, whose work includes the outfield wall mural at Dodgers Stadium, said he was thrilled to contribute.

“The logo took on a different meaning this year,” he said. “It says we are all Americans, this is our flag and we are damn proud of it.”