FKM Founders Put Monroe in Charge

DALLAS Fogarty Klein Monroe president and chief creative officer Tom Monroe has been named CEO in a management realignment at the independent agency, the shop said.

Co-founders Bill Fogarty and Rich Klein, who had been co-CEOs of the Houston-based agency, will now be listed as co-chairmen of a newly formed executive committee, the agency said. Both men will remain active in day-to-day business, the agency said.

“The mantra in our industry of late is change, change, change,” Monroe said. “We are mindful of that and will continue to challenge ourselves while at the same time honor the outstanding legacy created by Bill and Rich. We’re going to preserve the DNA of the place while revving up the RPMs.”

Monroe will retain the position of chief creative officer, the shop said.

Reporting to Monroe under the new structure will be Melissa Stevens and Jim Hradecky, presidents of the Houston and Dallas offices, respectively, chief operating officer Steve Speier and chief planning officer Larry Kelley.

Founded in 1980, FKM reports billings of $246 million.