Fitzgerald Sharpens Utility’s Everyday Perception

A new branding campaign for Georgia Power illuminates life’s little moments while placing the end product in the background.

The work is Fitz-gerald + Co.’s first for the utility since winning the estimated $12 million account last spring.

The goal is to increase “favorability ratings” with customers for when energy deregulation gives Georgians a choice of suppliers, according to agency senior vice president and group director Pam Piligian.

“The brand is in good shape,” she said. “We wanted to reaffirm its reputation for reliability, fair pricing and customer service. When [customers] have a choice, we want to be the preference.”

Previous efforts depicted GP workers battling storms to restore downed power lines.

“People love the power company during storms,” Piligian said. “But when we talked about the day-to-day stuff, they didn’t have specific things to talk about.”

The creative staff, led by supervisor Hal Barber, turned that lack of specificity into an advertising strategy.

Four 30-second television spots, directed by Scott Vincent of Hungry Man in Los Angeles, center around families and individuals caught in those moments “when you’re not thinking about electricity,” said Barber.

In “Bath,” a mother and her small son are bathing their shaggy dog. When the pup, covered in soap, inevitably escapes, the camera catches the boy’s bemused grin and the mom’s rueful sigh. A female voiceover talks about Georgia’s electric rates being “below the national average,” before shifting to the campaign’s tagline—”You have more important things to think about”—before cutting to GP’s logo and the close, “But we don’t.”

The spots begin airing statewide this week on network and cable evening news programs and prime-time shows such as Boston Public, Ally McBeal and 60 Minutes. Print will run in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and selected magazines.